...may regularly earn substantial amounts through simple and undemanding engagement...

JOB DESCRIPTION:Bitcoinist.png

Transferrer is a member (Anonymous or Non-Anonymous) of the nnnAE (nnnAssetsExchange & nnnEXPRESS) who has entered that system through the special program.

After that procedure Master Exchanger becomes a member with one’s own online BackOffice, for managing the amounts achieved through one’s profile with all activated assets or currency in any of different CGB/Trannn programs

Every CC Transferrer then starts their own group/coalition of members / consumers by representing to those potential new members, all the programs of CGB/Trannn.

CC Transferrer take upon themselves to explain to workings of the system, and take care of members of their group by serving as a source of information and technical help when needed.

From each profile enrolled in their group/coalition, no matter in what program, CC Master/ SA (Exchanger) get a share of all the investments/payments (activated currency) made by all the members. Those values accumulate in nnnVoucher of CC Master/ SA (Exchanger) profile, and they represent the income of CC Master/ SA (Exchanger). It can be paid out or used for purpose of increasing the balance of CC Master/ SA (Exchanger) profile.

In respect to time demands, processing of e.g. 100 customers takes 60-120 minutes of engagement each day…

When number of group members reaches hundreds and more "small share" from EACH transfer/exchange within the group can amount to the fee equivalent of thousands of Euros/Dollars, regardless of the purpose or PROGRAM of the CGB/Trannn system for which those exchange or transfers were executed.

100 members, with CC Master/ SA (Exchanger) earning average just equivalent of 1€ per day means €3,000 p.m, or with €3 per member (or with more members), CC Master/ SA (Exchanger) can earn €9,000 per month...

If CC Master/ SA (Exchanger) over time introduces more new CC Master/ SA (Exchanger), his/her monthly earning can be multiple more of the present above!

Maximum charge, according to the rules, of each CC Transferrer is limited to €2,400 per day, or USD1,000,000 within every 365 days.--


Requirements for obtaining the status of MASTER EXCHANGER:

  1. Familiarity with any of the CGB/Trannn programs and the workings of CGB/Trannn system
  2. A certain amount of proficiency in the use of computers and the Internet
  3. Assisting other members in use of their BackOffices, helping them as a service aid for technical and other questions
  4. Become CC Master/ SA (Exchanger) Free of Charge, enroll yourself HERE


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